About us

Faversham & Moss operates as an R&D lab creating digital products that help your organisation achieve its business objectives. The products we create are usually web or mobile applications that combine the needs of an organisation with those of their audience through a single simple solution.

A user can be a consumer, a customer or an employee; our offering is B2B, B2C and B2E. Our approach to problem solving – the systematic, collaborative identification and resolution of issues common to all businesses – works across all sectors of industry.

Our mission is to grow an organisation or improve efficiency by resolving what may have previously been deemed intractable problems that are leading to negative revenue growth, increased costs or reduced audience engagement (internal or external).

‘ …those with above-average levels of digital revenue outperformed their below-average peers, growing 1.5 percent faster than the industry mean, on average.’ Gartner/MIT CISR

By creating products with measurable benefits that address these issues our aim is to not only generate managed, profitable revenue growth but also to more actively engage users and produce data that can be used to drive insights on an ongoing basis. Learn more about our approach here.


Mark Walls

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Mark has worked in the digital creative industry for over a 15-years, gaining experience through delivering national and global digital campaigns for a vast range clients including Sony, National Theatre and 2K Games.

In 2001 he founded Neoco, a multi-award winning digital marketing agency, and grew this company into a successful business over the next decade.

After exiting this business at the end of 2013 he set up Faversham & Moss with David, after recognising the growing need for specialist digital product consultancies.

Mark’s experience means he has the wealth of business and strategic knowledge required to understand an organisations challenges and create relevant digital solutions.

David McCulloch


David brings his expert understanding of digital and UX to the creation of digital products.

He built a vibrant boutique agency, Design Beckons, and delivered scalable, robust and innovative digital projects for global brands such as Intel, Vice, Colgate and Cancer Research UK.

David also gained a deep understanding of communities and social networking while leading development for the MySpace UK International marketing department.

David joined Mark as Technical Director at Neoco in 2013, where they found themselves turning marketing briefs into successful digital products; hence the decision to create Faversham & Moss.