Nordfjord Kjøtt, a supplier to Norway’s largest supermarket chain, had seen a year-on-year decrease in sales for one of it’s own brand pre-packed meat ranges. As an own-brand label, margins were higher compared to competitor brands, as such Nordfjord Kjøtt were eager to turnaround the decline.

They had previously used various sales incentive tactics but the results were always short lived. Nordfjord Kjøtt engaged Faversham & Moss to better understand the challenge and create an innovative solution.

Business Case

Having gained a deep understanding of the supply chain from the factory to the customer, it became clear that the ‘flow’ of information through the business was inconsistent. It was this lack of information, delivered at the wrong times to key personnel that was impacting the sales of their product range.

A strategy was outlined to trial a digital product to help improve employee communications which in turn would improve productivity and job effectiveness.


Digital Product

‘Flow’ is a web application that provides an easy and engaging way for a business to manage internal communications and gather feedback across a supply chain with multiple stakeholders. Users are assigned various tasks and are rewarded for their completion. The tasks are designed to nudge employee behaviour making them better at their job and work more effectively­.


During an initial 12-week trial the decline in sales was reversed. A second trial was completed in December 2014 with similar results.