Score Predictor



Chelsea FC have a global fanbase of many millions, but outside of facebook, they had no way of reaching non-ticket buyers. We partnered with Chelsea to create a digital product that provided access to this hard to reach segment while providing rich data for their CRM systems.

Business Case

Through analysis of the behaviours of non-ticket buyers, we identified a key shared behaviour that could be leveraged: fans are competitive by nature and everyone has an opinion on what the match result will be and who will score. A digital product that facilitated this behaviour would be the opportunity they needed.


Digital Product

Score Predictor enables Fans to predict the result of any and every match throughout the season, winning points for the accuracy of their predictions. Fans compete all over the world to win real prizes and the glory of the Fan league title. Clubs license the platform to help them engage fans and capture rich, unique data to empower their social and CRM.


Since launch, 350,000 fans have registered across 100 countries. Due to the success with Chelsea FC, the product has now be rolled out with Manchester City FC, Juventus FC, Fulham FC and Surrey County Cricket Club.

The product is currently licenced to a third-party who manage the development of the product and the relationships with the clubs.