Digital Products

A digital product is just like a tangible product. It is something a business provides to satisfy the needs of their customer, but rather than being physical, the products we create are in the form of a web or mobile application.

Why Digital Products?

Digital products provide new services and revenue streams, or enhance those that already exist—helping your organisation stay competitive within your marketplace or provide the opportunity to break into new markets.

Digital products also help you achieve your organisation’s objectives in many different ways. Such as improving employee productivity; collecting rich data to drive business insights; or more deeply engage an audience by adding value that improves their everyday lives.

We help your organisation capitalise on this opportunity and through a partnership, manage the entire lifecycle of product development from conception through to production and continued evolution.

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Digital Transformation

We hear a lot about digital transformation and rightly so. We live in a time of accelerating change, where transformational technologies are increasingly embedded in cultural norms and the pace of change is outstripping the abilities of organisations to keep up; it is imperative that your organisation leads with digital.

‘ …those with above-average levels of digital revenue outperformed their below-average peers, growing 1.5 percent faster than the industry mean, on average.’ Gartner/MIT CISR

Therefore having a website is no longer enough, people expect digital products and services alongside your core business offering. It’s really important that your organisation is able to connect digital technologies to your organisation’s business objectives; through both third-party products and your own digital products developed through partnerships.

Competition, Change, Disruption

Disruption. It’s a buzzword we all hear continuously and for many, rather than being a call to arms, it is a warning of competition, change and anxiety.

‘52% of C-suite executives, recently surveyed by Accenture and The Economist Intelligence Unit, expect digital to cause significant change or complete transformation in their industries.’ Accenture and The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Global Agenda: Competing in a Digital World, CEO Briefing 2014

Accenture’s report highlighted that business leaders see this new competition as the greatest risk their company will face in the next 12 months. Such blurring of the lines between traditional industry boundaries signals new partnerships and ecosystems that are poised to compete with the world’s category leaders and disrupt the competitive landscape.

Disruption is a lot less likely if organisations are proactive and lead the way with their own digital transformation. This can ensure organisations are much more robust if and when a hungry upstart enters their arena.

It’s an exciting time. Business practices are evolving and by investing in digital products, smart organisations are discovering exciting to achieve their goals.